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Welcome to Jurassic Park Role Playing World dear users! Experience the world of dinosaurs by interacting with other players as they interact with you. We bring back to you the prehistoric creatures that once thought were long gone. Experience the bloodshed and ruthlesness or the calmness and peacfulness of our magnificent dinosaurs. We hope you enjoy your stay!


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Post by RexDude on Sat Apr 27, 2013 4:59 am

These are the rules so far. Note that these can be changed anytime and when they do, every user will be sent a news letter:

1. First thing's first. Absolutely no Godmodding will be tolerated or ignored. One who breaks this rule will be warned but if he/she still continues his/her act he/she will be banned permanently. (Godmodding means taking control of other players' characters, bullying other players because you have a super predator, killing other players' character without his/her permission and you can not make an environment that is not at all suitable to the area)

2. If a member wants to change his username then he has to private message me. Note that a member can only change his/her username once 5 months. This is to avoid confusion between players that who's who.

3. Communication between dinosaurs is allowed but no talking is allowed like:
Avoid this:
"The tyrannosaur thought his mate was upset so he asked, 'What's going on?'"

This is acceptable:
"The tyrannosaur thought his mate was upset so he walked forward and nudged her"

4. There is to be no talking or discussion in RPs. The "Forum's Chat Thread" is the place for talking regarding the RPs and the RPs only continue the story.

5. Double posting is not allowed in a specific period of time. If the user does not answer to your post in three days then you are allowed to double post.

6. Make sure your charaters are shown in your signatures with their name and species. This enables users to know the species of the name you are using in an RP.

7. No abusing or pornography in any thread will be avoided. The one who breaks this rule will be banned without any warning!

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